• Fruit market (Vourles – 69)
    Opening on May 1st every evening at 6.30 pm
  • St Antoine market (Lyon – Quai St Antoine)
    Every day from 9am to 1pm except Monday
  • St Genis 2 shopping center (St Genis Laval)
    1km from the campsite
  • St Genis Laval market (69)
    Every Friday morning
  • St Genis Laval organic market (69)
    Every Wednesday morning
  • Farmer’s market (Lyon – 2ème)
    Every Wednesday from 16:00 to 19:30, Place Carnot
  • Local farmer’s market (Chaponost)
    Every Wednesday from 16:00 to 19:00, Bellevue car park
  • Les halles de Lyon (Cours Lafayette)
    Every day except Monday
  • Creative market (Lyon – St Jean)
    Every Sunday morning
  • The bouquinistes (Lyon – Quai de la pêcherie)
    Every day from 9am to 1pm except Monday
  • Les puces du canal (Vaulx en Velin – 69)
    Every Sunday
  • Part-Dieu shopping center (Lyon)
    Every day except Sunday
  • Shopping in Presqu’ile (Lyon Presqu’ile)
    Every day except Sunday


  • Méga CGR Complex(Brignais – 69)
    1km, Bowling, cinema, billiards …
  • Pools (Brignais, Oullins and Irigny)
    3 pools within a radius of 5 km
  • Rando-roller (Lyon center)
    Every Friday evening, departure from Place Bellecour
  • Stade Gerland (Lyon – 7th)
    Métro Stade de Gerland
  • Aquarium of Lyon (La Mulatière – 69)
    Between Oullins and Gerland
  • Ice rink Charlemagne (Lyon – 2nd)
    Ice skating, ice hockey
  • Indoor football Barolles (St Genis Laval – 69)
    A great complex to play 5 against 5
  • Nautical base of Condrieu (69)
    Swimming, Water skiing
  • Museum of Fine Arts (Lyon – 1er)
    Place des Terreaux – Metro City Hall
  • Gallo-Roman Museums Fourvière
    Lyon 5th and St Romain in Gal (38)
  • Miniature Museum (Lyon – 5th)
    Miniature sets and movie sets
  • House of Dance (Lyon – 8th)
    Biennale of Dance
  • Tissue Museum (Lyon – 2nd)
    In the heart of Ainay


  • The fresco of the famous Lyonnais (Lyon – 1st)
    Quai Saint Antoine – Metro City Hall
  • Place Bellecour (Lyon – 2nd)
    Metro Bellecour
  • The Basilica of Fourvière (Lyon – 5th)
    Funicular Fourviere
  • The Saint Nizier church (Lyon – 2nd)
    Cordeliers Metro station
  • Saint Jean Cathedral (Lyon – 5th)
    Vieux Lyon Metro station
  • The Lyon Opera (Lyon – 1st)
     Hôtel de ville Metro station
  • Old Lyon, traboules (Lyon – 5th)
    Vieux Lyon Metro station
  • The convent of Tourette (Eveux – 69)
    Architecture of Le Corbusier
  • The Saint Vincent chapel (St Laurent d’Agny – 69)
    In the hills of Lyonnais
  • Montagny the old town (69)
    15 minutes from the campsite
  • Celestine Theater (Lyon – 2nd)
    Cordeliers Metro station
  • Abbey of Ainay (Lyon – 2nd)
    Ampère – Victor Hugo Metro station
  • The Place des Terreaux (Lyon – 1er)
    Hôtel de ville Metro station


  • The banks of the Rhône
    From Gerland to Miribel Jonage
  • The Park Gerland (Lyon – 7th)
    Metro station Gerland
  • The Tête d’Or Park (Lyon – 6th)
    The botanical garden, the greenhouses, the zoological garden
  • The Beauregard Park (Saint Genis Laval)
    Observatory of Lyon
  • The slopes of Lyon (South-West)
    Millery, Charly, Vourles …
  • La Saône, Barbe Island, Monts d’Or St Cyr, St Didier, St Germain …
  • The Park Gerland (Lyon – 7th)
    Metro station Gerland
  • Mount Pilat (42)
    Nordic skiing and hiking
  • The medieval city of Pérouges (Pérouges – 01)
    In the direction of Bourg en Bresse
  • The Malval Pass (Vaugneray)
    A route between forests and panoramic views
  • Lacroix-Laval Park (Marcy l’Etoile)
    Botanic gardens
  • Cruise on the Rhone and Saone
    Day and night
  • Tony Garnier Urban Museum (Lyon – 8th)
    Metro Monplaisir Light or White Barn




  • Georges Brewery (Lyon – 2nd)
    Authentic place of history in the Perrache district
  • Lyonnaise mothers
    Mother Brazier (1st), Mother Vittet (2nd)
  • Lyonnais corks
    At M’ Mam’s place (2nd)
  • Visits of the cellars of the hillsides of Lyonnais
    Cave Descotes, Thollet cellar, Mazille cellar (Millery)